Inchauspe & Partners Relocation (hereinafter "I&P"), is an independent company in a growing process. Our founders, who have been in the business for more than 25 years facing the complex dynamic of the Global Mobility market, have decided to transform our service proposal in order to provide innovative and creative solutions.



To provide comprehensive solutions through a rigorous planning of each strategy, in order to proactively prevent legal contingencies, labor risks and unnecessary costs.


To lead the global mobility market, providing strong solutions in compliance with legal requirements and with the most efficient service throughout the process.



Our professional activity is governed by responsibility, honesty and respect at the best interests of our Clients, collaborating with the prevention of possible legal, tax and / or fiscal contingencies.



Our professional activity is governed by the duty to inform and make available to our Client, in each step of the process, all the information related to the procedures we perform.


Our professional activity is governed by a strict confidentiality sense which is the essential pillar in commercial relationship with our Clients.


Due Diligence

Our professional activity is governed by the compliance with the Immigration, administrative, commercial and fiscal laws and procedures.



Our professional activity is governed by our predisposition to adapt and to design the execution of our work according to the needs of each Client.

Ethics, Transparency, Confidentiality, Due Diligence and Commitment. These values guide our professional activity, objectives and commitment, providing a high-quality service and creating a long-term commercial relationship with our Clients

 we have the Crown Relocation network of which we are partners.


Sofia Inchauspe - Founder


Inchauspe & Partners Relocation (hereinafter "I&P"), is an independent company in a growing process. Our founders, who have been in the business for more than 25 years facing the complex dynamic of the Global Mobility market, have decided to transform our service proposal in order to provide innovative and creative solutions.


I&P offers a comprehensive service that includes the areas that impact on the Global Mobility process for migrant workers. Our flexibility, transparency and broad management capacity allow us to easily adapt to the processes and internal work schemes of our Clients, ensuring agility and simplicity in immigration, legal, tax, social security, relocation, schooling, transferring, moving process and in any other issue involved. Our sole objective is to achieve a fast insertion of migrant workers in their work environment, optimizing, at the same, time, the investment of our Clients and minimizing legal and fiscal risks.


I&P offers a wide list of services and training regarding migration, labor, relocation, compliance, FCPA, Policies and Procedures of Good Professional Practices, in order to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of each process.


I&P has proven experience in the market and extensive technical and management capacity, which allow us to innovate and provide proactive solutions and advisement to all kind of Clients, in accordance with the needs of today's professional market.





The constant search for improvement of our processes and the elimination of those "steps" that we consider inefficient, define our work philosophy. In this way we can adapt quickly to the variations and needs of the current market, to improve the results obtained by our clients.

Planning: Identify the needs and Objectives. Program the stages or steps to follow.


Realization: Carry out the stages or steps defined in the Planning.


Check: Check that all the necessary requirements and stages have been duly fulfilled. Verify the results obtained.


Take action and improve: Analyze the process carried out and identify the points of possible improvement and propose changes.



We work with the highest standards of service quality, combining technical knowledge and experience with a multidisciplinary and integrated vision of the labor mobility process of migrant workers.





Corporate Relocation Service.


Search for accommodation.


Rental management.


Comprehensive maintenance of homes.


Moving Management.


Search for schools.


Cultural integration workshops.


Practical induction and integration workshops.



Advice, assistance and immigration planning.


Dynamic and tailored global mobility planning.


Migratory and consular consulting.


Advice and assistance in administrative procedures.


Tax advice and assistance.


Advice and labor assistance.



In-House Training regarding “International Assignment Process”.


Compliance Policy Advice.


Compliance and anti-corruption policies training.


Advice and assistance in Control and document compliance processes.


Legal Alert Service.




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+54 911 4159-0056

+54 911 4159-0056



Sofía Inchauspe

Sofía Inchauspe, is the founding partner. She has a degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations (Universidad Católica Argentina), focused on immigration issues since 1997.  She worked from 1997 to 2007 as head of the Migration Department of Estudio Brons y Salas, being in charge of developing the migration sector, where 90% of the clients were multinational companies.


In 2006, the International Organization for Migration included Sofía Inchauspe in the list of the 150 best advisers in the world "for her comprehensive vision of the problems faced by migrants", among thousands of registered advisers.


In 2010 he founded the company GPS Relocation, where he served as president until April 2015. In that period he managed to insert the new company into the most prestigious Relocation companies. Assisting multinational companies both in Argentina and abroad.


In February 2016, he joined Navarro Castex Abogados. With its work team, its correspondents in the interior of the country and its partners and representations abroad, the department offers a comprehensive service for both foreigners living in Argentina and Argentines who establish their residence abroad.


In 2020, in addition to being a member of Navarro Castex Abogados, she created I&P Relocation to be able to attend to migration and relocation issues in an even more personalized way.



Strengths: Sofía has a comprehensive vision of migration and relocation issues, analyzing in an interdisciplinary way with other areas (taxes, labor) the impact of her actions on migration and relocation matters. This is fundamentally very useful to assist companies in the projection, analysis and prevention of conflicts in new projects or in the reformulation of policies and taking measures of existing projects. This has been implemented in large projects achieving important successes, especially in the area of ​​mining and oil.




Geographic representation: In addition to our offices in CABA, we have consultants in Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza, Neuquén, Rio Negro (Bariloche) and Chubut (Comodoro Rivadavia). Likewise, our consultants constantly travel throughout the country at the request of the client.



Abroad: we have the Crown Relocation network of which we are partners.


Political Science Degree

Specialized in International Relations



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